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Psychic Seer Pendulum (C1)


Image of Psychic Seer Pendulum (C1)
  • Image of Psychic Seer Pendulum (C1)

I have used these Pendulums in my Divination practices for a good long while - but have not offered these for purchase before.

Simply wrap the sumptuous silk round your hand for stability, still the Crystal & then ask your question.

To bond with your pendulum, I recommend sleeping with it under your pillow for a few nights & then hold & ask a question to establish Yes, No or Maybe answers.

Strung on up cycled silk & gifted with a cotton carry pouch.

Overall length is approx 47cm. Pendulum measures approx 2cm wide.

All wire used is tarnish resistant.

NB: please note that the aesthetic of the silk is one of a natural, rustic look. It naturally frays slightly - but this is a beautiful addition to the piece. It is not a fault with the material.