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Horn of Plenty


Image of Horn of Plenty
  • Image of Horn of Plenty
  • Image of Horn of Plenty
  • Image of Horn of Plenty

Handcrafted and completely unique - this is fab for those who love all things forest.

Popular with so many on the stall - these are one of my biggest sellers and are not usually online. They garner much attention from both male and female customers.

Made using red deer antler from Scotland - these are the perfect amulet for all my Earth-bound beauties out there. Be you into witchy, heathenry or all things Norse - the vibe of these pieces are right up your forest path.

I work intuitively with these - so no two are ever the same. The horn, the metal work, the crystal - all are individual to the piece.

For me - deer antler not only offers a deep connection to the land - but also helps the wearer to stand their ground whilst knowing when to change direction for the better.

They are also a powerful travel protection talisman - based on the natural herd mentality of deer and their literal safety in numbers.

This piece has a stunning Citrine cluster to bring in abundance from all corners.

Measures: approx 45cm drop and strung on an upcycled cotton cord which is soft & durable.

Please note that I can only ship this within the UK due to postal restrictions.

Also note that NO animals were killed for their horn. Some are naturally shed, collected and sent to me by friends. Some are from culled deer. Until the UK reintroduces either bears or wolves, the deer population does need managing as they can be very destructive to their habitat - further upsetting the eco-system. As an artist, I would rather honour animals with a permanency that landfill - which is where these horns would end up - cannot offer.