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Hidden Gem


Image of Hidden Gem
  • Image of Hidden Gem
  • Image of Hidden Gem

A magickal, smooth piece of Clear Quartz with a delicate grey hue, indicating it may also have the properties of Smokey Quartz.

Clear Quartz is known as the universal healer and is perfect for putting your intent into. For love, luck, healing or protection? Simply ask of it what you need!

Smokey Quartz is a wonderous protector, acting as a cloak to hide you from any negative influences.

With the added Aventurine accent bead, for luck and prosperity - this amulet is the one to grab!

Strung on upcycled, durable, cotton

Approx length is 33cm including pendant

Pendant is approx 3cm wide

Hand crafted from tarnish resistant, lead & nickel free silver jewellery wire, these are perfect for everyday wear.