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Hallowed Ground

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Image of Hallowed Ground
  • Image of Hallowed Ground
  • Image of Hallowed Ground
  • Image of Hallowed Ground

Avebury is a land very special to me. The connection to those stones is deep and the power they hold is very much real. If you have been and touched them, you know only too well the spiritual draw they have. If you have not, I urge you to visit.

On a trip there at Beltane this year for our anniversary, I stumbled upon a supplier of this sacred stone - the very rock the originals are made from - which is still responsibly mined in the local area.

My heart leapt at the thought of having constant contact with this hallowed ground.

This glorious piece contains an added moonstone to assist with all things female.

Strung on upcycled material, which is soft and durable. Please note that, to save your clothes, I have gently protected the back of this rough stone with a covering of luscious green felt.

Overall length is approx 37cm. Pendant measure approx 7cm x 4cm

All jewellery wire used is tarnish resistant.