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Earth Maiden


Image of Earth Maiden
  • Image of Earth Maiden
  • Image of Earth Maiden

A stunning large Lemurian Quartz point, captured in Silver and complimented by an Amberoid accent bead.

Lemurian Quartz - or Seeded Quartz - are believed to contain Universal wisdom - left across the Earth by an ancient race residing in Atlantis. The lines are said to be a special code, left to us, to help us to connect on a much deeper level.

They are certainly more powerful, with higher vibes than Clear Quartz alone - so there may be truth to this belief.

Clear Quartz alone is known as the universal healer and is perfect for putting your intent into. For love, luck, healing or protection? Simply ask of it what you need!

Amberoid accent bead plants you firmly on the ground and offers a smooth transition as your up your awesomeness. Created using amber dust from the jewellery carving industry, it is then pressed with resin to create a stunning, but affordable, Amber product. I have worked with both natural and pressed and can feel or see very little difference.

Strung on upcycled material, which is soft and durable with a handcrafted clasp.

Overall length is 38cm

Pendant measures approx 3cm wide

All jewellery wire used is tarnish resistant.