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Drift Away Earrings (copper)

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  • Image of Drift Away Earrings (copper)

There is something a little bit special about driftwood. Especially these pieces that I collected from the beautiful isle of Anglesey over a year ago. There had been a Winter storm in the preceding days and there was a lot of pieces to choose from.

Gathered from an isle sacred to the Druids of the past and present, they hold a power all of their own. Intuitively, whenever I hold it, I feel soothed by the calm of gentle waves lapping against the shore. The brisk breeze, the sun on my face and a stunningly deserted beach.

I adore the story that driftwood has been through - the floating and tumbling - the washing up and the drying out. I feel that it contains all elements - Earth from the tree itself - Wind from the breaking of branches - Water from the initial river journey and out to sea - Fire from the sun that has then dried it out on the beach.

Perfect for all and any magickal work or just when you need to feel the balance of all Elements.

Overall drop is approx 7cm.