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Amber Moon Earrings


Image of Amber Moon Earrings
  • Image of Amber Moon Earrings

Worthy of Witches everywhere!

There is a connection for me to Amber like little else. I find it both soothing and grounding and I attest that to it's leafy, rooted origins.

Amber is believed to absorb negativity and relieve stress. It can also aid with enlightenment and wisdom.

Amberoid is created using amber dust from the jewellery carving industry that is then pressed with resin to create a stunning, but affordable, Amber product.

I have worked with both natural and pressed and can feel or see very little difference.

Moonstone bead to help assist with change & life’s ebb & flow.

Total drop is approx 7cm with the width approx 1cm.

Hand crafted from tarnish resistant, lead & nickel free jewellery wire, these are very light weight & perfect for everyday wear.