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Q -  What sort of wire do you use?  

 I use copper based wire which has been silver plated or left as glorious copper. All wire is tarnish resistant and has an enamel coating to prevent any skin reaction. All wire is lead and nickel free.

Q -  My skin is very sensitive  -  will your jewellery bring me out in a rash?

Everyone is individual and skin PH is no different. My own skin is quite picky about what I place on it, but I have never had a reaction to the wire I use  -  either on my skin or in my ears. I have also sold to customers who have very sensitive skin and they have found they have had no reaction. That said, I cannot stress enough that everyone is different and I cannot be held responsible if you do have an adverse reaction to my products.

Q -  Will your jewellery turn my skin green?

I do not believe so. I have been wearing this wire for several years and I have yet to take off a piece to discover my skin has gone green.

Q -  Will my piece tarnish?

The wire used it tarnish resistant and, if treated with care, should not discolour. That said, all metal -  even sterling silver and carat gold - will tarnish if left out in the air, constantly sprayed with perfume or chucked in the bottom of a bag. Please take care of your purchase and it should last you a mighty long time.

Q -  When will my item arrive?

Please see the Deliveries section for all information.

Q -  How to I return an item?

Please see the Returns section for all information. 

Q -  I have an idea in mind -  can you design something for me?

Absolutely, please see the Commissions section for more information.

Q- Do you supply shops?

Please see the Supply & Wholesale section for more information.