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Copyright & Intellectual Property

Please note that all my pieces are unique to me. They are my art. I have spent a long time self teaching & developing my design skills and the way in which I work is copyrighted by law.

I take the rights to my work incredibly seriously. It is my full time income and to have it badly copied - no matter the good intentions of the copier or how “inspired” they are by my work - copying is copying. 

All photography is time stamped - giving it & it’s contents automatic copyright. 

The way in which I wrap crystals is also protected by law. If I believe the similarity is too great - evidence will be collected and passed to the relevant authorities.

All my pieces are ONLY sold through my online store. They ALL have my wooden trademark discs on them. You will only ever see them on a light background.

If you are ever unsure if a piece is mine - please contact me directly. I can tell my work at 100 paces. 

All photography is my intellectual property & is not to be copied or shared without my written permission & credit.

To the imitators - please - think about your actions. If you think - oh it’s just a few pieces it doesn’t matter - it does. It’s illegal and crushing to creatives. Please don’t let yourself be the reason another human being is hurt by your shady actions. 

You are riding the coattails of another person’s business and its pretty crappy. Make your own work - live your own dream.